Schritte international 5, Interactive Coursebook with Media Library – DVD-ROM

The interactive coursebook offers materials for a modern teaching environment on an interactive whiteboard or a video projector. The DVD-ROM contains:

  • the completely digitalised coursebook
  • integrated audio files and whiteboard applications
  • interactive exercises answer key display
  • an extensive media archive with materials of the course (pictures, texts, audio-files) for interactive whiteboards

Schritte international 5, Interactive Coursebook with Media Library - DVD-ROM

New to the Hueber list: Language and travel games, from level B1 and upwards Ein Wochenende in Berlin

Visit historic sights such as the Brandenburger Tor, the Checkpoint Charlie or cultural highlights as the Schloss Charlottenburg. By playing the language and travel game Ein Wochenende in Berlin you'll not only get to know Berlin and its sights, you'll also improve your German in a very entertaining way.

Ein Wochenende in Berlin

Short stories for level A2 to B2 Zwischendurch mal ... kurze Geschichten

Zwischendurch mal ... kurze Geschichten includes 13 short stories together with everything you need for dealing with literature creatively:
  • a variety of excercises for reading comprehension
  • lots of speaking and writing prompts
  • numerous photocopiables

Zwischendurch mal ... kurze Geschichten

New elementary course (level A1 - B1) for adults MENSCHEN B1/2 is available!

Psychologists and neurologists involved in the study of teaching methods all agree: a recipe for language teaching does exist that can move, change and motivate learners more. MENSCHEN – our new course for learners from the age of 16 and upwards – converts their findings into a new and transparent courseware concept. MENSCHEN B1/2, Workbook with Audio-CD has now been published.


For teachers of German as a Foreign Language E-Learning

The latest addition to our series "Qualifiziert unterrichten" familiarises with E-learning scenarios in language teaching:

  • linking the didactics of language teaching with E-learning
  • methods of linking online learning with classroom teaching sessions
  • round rules for managing online learning sessions


For a successful start at university Präsentieren und Diskutieren / Presentation and Discussion

Coursebook with CD-ROM (MP3-files and Video-Clips)

Campus Deutsch prepares foreign students (from level B2/2 and upwards) for a course of study at a German-speaking university. The second volume Präsentieren und Diskutieren (presentation and discussion) helps to:
  • present scientific facts and content in a proper and compelling manner
  • deliver convincing arguments in discussions

Campus Deutsch Präsentieren und Diskutieren