New elementary course (level A1 - B1) for adults MENSCHEN B1/1 is available!

Psychologists and neurologists involved in the study of teaching methods all agree: a recipe for language teaching does exist that can move, change and motivate learners more. MENSCHEN – our new course for learners from the age of 16 and upwards – converts their findings into a new and transparent courseware concept. MENSCHEN B1/1, Coursebook with DVD-ROM has now been published.


New course for teenagers (level A1 to B1) Beste Freunde

Beste Freunde is our new course for teenagers (level A1 to B1). A group of teenagers accompanies students through all volumes. They show aspects of everyday life in Germany embedded in entertaining stories and help motivate the learning process. Beste Freunde was especially developed for school teaching.
Beste Freunde A1/2 has now been published.

Beste Freunde A1/2

Readers for Teenagers at level A2 Papierhelden

Soon an important judo tournament is going to take place. Robin's father trains the team and is annoyed about Robin's poor performance. They'll never win at this rate! At one thing Robin is really good: origami. But no one knows anything about that ...


New course (level B1+ to C1) for adults Now available: Sicher! B2/2

The Sicher! B2/2 course- and workbook with audio-CD (for the workbook) has now been published.
Sicher! provides learners with a solid foundation in the language skills needed for everyday use, academic studies and vocational training.

Sicher! B2/2

For learners at level A1 to A2 Wodoku® Deutsch

With Wodoku® Deutsch you can extend and revise your vocabulary at level A1 and A2 in a very entertaining way. The book contains over 100 entertaining 6- and 9- word Sudokus for different vocabulary and grammar topics.

Wodoku® Deutsch

New elementary course (level A1 - B1) for adults Digital Teaching Package MENSCHEN A1/2

The digital teaching package MENSCHEN A1/2 offers materials for a modern teaching environment on an interactive whiteboard or a video projector as well as for easy lesson preparation. The DVD-ROM contains:

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