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The publisher, Michaela Hueber

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

In 2005, the Max Hueber Verlag celebrates 50 years in publishing as a specialist for German as a Foreign Language – an anniversary we feel best characterised by the motto »Sprachen überwinden Grenzen«, which, in its various shades of meaning, conveys our aim of helping to cross frontiers, remove barriers and overcome limitations via our commitment to foreign language learning. It was in 1955 that my father Ernst Hueber initiated our success story by publishing Deutsche Sprachlehre für Ausländer by Dora Schulz and Heinz Griesbach, a course that crossed frontiers and overcame limitations for millions of teachers and students throughout the world. Ever since then Hueber has continued to set standards for excellence and innovation in all its German-as-a-Foreign-Language courseware.

»Sprachen überwinden Grenzen« is not just a simple motto, it reflects the whole philosophy behind our organisation. Today, more than ever before, it is important to strive for better understanding amongst the disparate nations and cultures of the world. Real understanding is not achieved easily. It requires communication – and the use of language and a knowledge of foreign languages is the key. If we can look back over the past decades and say we succeeded in handing this key to so many people from so many different backgrounds and nationalities, then we have achieved that aim in no small measure and can be justly proud.