Our new bilingual dictionary for all learners of German | Short presentation

The primary aim of the specialist team for German Language Teaching at the Hueber Verlag in publishing this new dictionary is to help to learn the German language successfully.

This completely new dictionary has been developed especially for learners of German and is the result of many years of experience in teaching DaF (German as a Foreign Language) in combination with the collective expertise of a team of specialized lexicographers. Our innovative concept combines features of traditional monolingual dictionaries (German example sentences, synonyms and antonyms etc.) with pragmatic bilingual support: English translations of German headwords and vice versa.
As a matter of principle, the dictionary provides only minimal information on the student’s own language but a maximum on all German content.


  • a dictionary that combines the advantages of both monolingual and bilingual dictionaries in one volume
  • over 100,000 headwords, examples and constructions
  • words from the Zertifikat Deutsch wordlists specially marked
  • over 40,000 phonetic transcriptions (for German translations, too)
  • numerous synonyms and antonyms
  • examples chosen specially with the learner in mind
  • information boxes explaining German grammar and notes on the cultural background of the German-speaking countries
  • exercise material to facilitate usage of the dictionary
  • numerous grammar tables
  • user-friendly layout and design
Deutsch-Spanisch (Buchstabe "j") (PDF, 862 KB)
Spanisch-Deutsch (Buchstabe "j") (PDF, 857 KB)
Deutsch-Englisch (Buchstabe "e") (PDF, 1,2 MB, 31 Seiten)
Englisch-Deutsch (Buchstabe "e") (PDF, 1,2 MB, 25 Seiten)

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