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Error message "Installer file is damaged" appearing during installation of my product (Windows/Mac)

[Updated: 13.11.2017 16:38]

Since 1.11.17 the error message "Installer file is damaged" appears during the installation process on many of our products running on Windows or MacOS systems. Adobe air, needed for our application, blocks and refuses installation.

We sincerely apologise for this fault. We are working together with our service company and Adobe to find a solution for the problem. For further information on error removal and updates you can add your email address to a mailing list here:


Augmented Reality Apps

The Augmented Reality (AR) App created by the Hueber Verlag will scan a page in a book and show you the audio tracks and videos that you can then play using the audio or video buttons that the App provides.

This is how it works best

  1. For the App to work well you need good lighting - please avoid glare, reflections, dim light and shadows.
  2. Always scan the whole page starting at the top - taking just a section of the page will not suffice - and make sure the page lies as flat as possible.
  3. Pages with photos and pictures will be recognised more quickly and reliably than pages without photos or with illustrations of poor contrast.
  4. Using the download manager (gear-wheel icon) you can download all the media not already present on your device. Thereafter an internet connection is no longer necessary. Remember that the relevant media are activated via the scanning process on each page.

Downloaded audio tracks and videos can be deleted from your device at any time and reinstalled at a later date.

Possible errors and their solutions

  1. The App does not respond: depending on your device's configuration in certain cases the App may not activate after installation. Should this occur, please turn the App off and start it again.
  2. The audio icons appear only in a grey colour and cannot be activated as they are not yet installed on your device. Tap on the gear-wheel icon and open the download manager. You can now download the audios onto your device.