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New Container App e.g. "Schritte Plus Neu"

One AR app for all levels.

We have combined all our augmented reality (AR) apps in new container apps. There are separate apps for each country: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. With our new apps it is no longer necessary for you to keep a separate app on your device for each level.

We recommend that all users of the following apps delete them from their devices and download our new container app in their country edition. With this app you can use all our AR capable books.

  • Schritte plus neu: Band Volumes 1 to 4 (in the container are also volumes 5 and 6 included)
  • Schritte plus neu Schweiz-Ausgabe: volume 1 (in the container are included volumes 1 to 2)
  • Schritte plus neu Österreich-Ausgabe: Volumes 1 to 3 (Containers 1 to 4 in the container)
  • UniversItalia (the container contains the A1_A2 and B1_B2)

The individual apps are no longer available in the app stores.

Find the new apps in the app store for your device

Minimum System Requirements Android and iOS

What are the minimum system requirements for smartphones and tablets to use the AR App?


  • devices with min. iOS 9.0 and above
  • Camera (Back)
  • Devices with a powerful CPU (at least Apple A6), e.g. iPhone 5 or newer,        iPad (4th generation) or newer, iPod Touch (6th generation)


  • Android 4.4+ (API level 19+)
  • High resolution devices (hdpi)
  • Camera (Back)
  • OpenGL 2.0 (or later)
  •       Devices with a quad-core CPU (Armv7a with NEON support or Armv8a), e.g. Samsung Galaxy S3 or newer          Nexus 4 or newer, Nexus 7 (2013)

The app does not recognize my book pages. What can this be?

That can have different reasons. Here we name the most common and possible solutions.

  • Lack of lighting: Make sure you have good lighting conditions. Better too light than too dark.
  • Too close or too far away from the book page: The app must always "see" the complete page. So keep the smartphone away enough for the camera to capture the entire page.
  • Generally, pages containing images are detected faster and faster. For pages with few images, it is important to always capture the whole page.
  • The camera should always capture the page head-on. Hold the smartphone parallel to the book page. You can also make sure that the book page is as flat as possible.
  • Notes and highlighting added to the book: Highlighting, notes and markings interfere with the AR app’s recognition of the page. Please avoid these. Only make entries in the book in places where you are instructed to do so, and use a fine pencil. .

What do the different characters in File Manager mean when I type on the small gear in camera mode?

A blue down arrow (pointing in a small box) means that the content can be downloaded.

A trash can means that the file is already stored on the smartphone. A tap on the icon deletes the file.

A red, crossed-out circle means that the file can not be downloaded. The most common reason is too little free space on the smartphone. Delete old files or applications that you no longer need.

Audio and video files are displayed in gray

I have downloaded all the files available, and yet they are grayed out as unavailable in the file manager or App.

You can try deleting all files and downloading them again.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Keep the app open during the download and wait for the green tick to appear.

Augmented Reality Apps

The Augmented Reality (AR) App created by the Hueber Verlag will scan a page in a book and show you the audio tracks and videos that you can then play using the audio or video buttons that the App provides.

This is how it works best

  1. For the App to work well you need good lighting - please avoid glare, reflections, dim light and shadows.
  2. Always scan the whole page starting at the top - taking just a section of the page will not suffice - and make sure the page lies as flat as possible.
  3. Pages with photos and pictures will be recognised more quickly and reliably than pages without photos or with illustrations of poor contrast.
  4. Using the download manager (gear-wheel icon) you can download all the media not already present on your device. Thereafter an internet connection is no longer necessary. Remember that the relevant media are activated via the scanning process on each page.

Downloaded audio tracks and videos can be deleted from your device at any time and reinstalled at a later date.

Possible errors and their solutions

  1. The App does not respond: depending on your device's configuration in certain cases the App may not activate after installation. Should this occur, please turn the App off and start it again.
  2. instructions for iOS
    instructions for Android
  3. The audio icons appear only in a grey colour and cannot be activated as they are not yet installed on your device. Tap on the gear-wheel icon and open the download manager. You can now download the audios onto your device.

Abspielen, Unterbrechen und Fortsetzen von Medien

Ich möchte das Abspielen einer Audio- oder Videodatei unterbrechen und dann wieder fortsetzen, muss aber immer wieder von vorne anfangen.

Dies ist ein Featurewunsch, den wir schon häufiger bekommen haben. Wir haben ihn aufgenommen und die Implementierung wird bei der Weiterentwicklung der App priorisiert. So sollte die Funktion in einem der kommenden Updates zur Verfügung stehen.

Icons flickering

When I scan a page with the AR app, the sound and video icons on the page flicker extremely so I can not touch them.

Sometimes the audio and video icons in the AR view on a book page flicker strongly. This can happen if the app does not clearly recognize a page, e.g. there is no image on a page. Or the whole page is designed with little contrast.

In such a case, try to keep the camera slightly farther away from the book page. The display of the icons will then mostly stable. It is common that at the beginning, when a page is recognized, the icons first "search" for their place, when they have fiddled with it, they also remain stable, even if you approach the page again with the phone.

No sound

Audio and video buttons are displayed but no sound is heard when playing.

Make sure your device is set to "silent" or "undisturbed," or the sound is just too low.

Some devices - iOS and Android - have a switch on the device.

For other devices you have to do this in the operating system settings.