Vocational language | Lively and relevant: Menschen im Beruf – Tourismus A2

Our new series Menschen im Beruf teaches the specific language required for different vocations in a lively and relevant manner.
In Tourismus A2 students learn how to make themselves understood in different situations at a holiday resort, e.g. in a restaurant, on day trips or when guests are about to leave the hotel.

Series: Menschen im Beruf

New course for teenagers (level A1 to B1) | Beste Freunde A2/2 is available

Beste Freunde is our new course for teenagers (level A1 to B1). A group of teenagers accompanies students through all volumes. They show aspects of everyday life in Germany embedded in entertaining stories and help motivate the learning process. Beste Freunde was especially developed for school teaching.
Beste Freunde A2/2 has now been published.

Beste Freunde A2/2

New course (level B1+ to C1) for adults | Now available: Sicher! C1/1

The Sicher! C1/1 coursebook, the Sicher! C1/1 workbook with audio-CD and the Sicher! C1 media package have now been published.
Sicher! provides learners with a solid foundation in the language skills needed for everyday use, academic studies and vocational training.


Course for adults, level A1 to B1 | Motive A2 is available!

Concentrated and effective: Our course Motive for adults with experience of language learning offers the syllabus for level A1 to B1 in 30 clearly constructed units. Motive will be available as one compact single volume and as three-volume edition.

Motive A2 has now been published.

Motive – three-volume edition